::Press for our debut CD 'STAY THESE COURIERS'::

The Deli Magazine
Spring 2006 Issue

"Where has this band been hiding? It's rare to have the singular, exhilarating experience of listening to a new band and realizing that you're listening to the next outfit worthy of indie-stardom. This is exactly what I felt when I heard the first guitar strums of The Couriers' debut album. A four piece with post-punk sensibility, their sound is edgy, but dreamy. It's a testament to their music talents that they've only been together since '04 because their sound is polished, with layered melodies and intricate harmonies. Highlights include the haunting track "Every Exit an Entrance", and the frenetic "Day of Man." This is damn good music, and the album's biggest shortcoming is that there are only nine tracks."

The L Magazine
Daily Pick, 9/26/05

"We've had this little secret stashed away in our back pocket for the past couple of months, just waiting for the right moment to let you in on it. The moment is finally here...are you ready? The Couriers, a smashing indie-pop band for NYC, playing out continuously at local venues, has finally put out their new CD titled 'Stay These Couriers' ...Now aren't you glad you're in the know? We thought so."

Myspace Fan Review
Band Highlight, 4/06

"These guys seriously make me jump, smile, and rock along. The Couriers make the kind of music that catches your attention, catches your love, then proceeds to make you want to invite a few friends over to listen with you! They play tuneful powerpop with a rockin' edge that doesn't get stale. The songs are upbeat and fun, but often with a darker undertone that peers out through the pop. Warning: listening to The Couriers WILL result in singing along."